Hi, I'm

Pablo Sacaluga

A product designer, making meaninful and usable experiences at Emergya Digital.
2016 - currently
Emergya Digital

Global IT services and software design and development company, doing responsibilities of a product designer as framing the context, defining a problem, designing a solution, and iterating.

Currently, designing conversational experience for top-tier companies through virtual assistants.

Tasks and responsabilities
The Big House crafting digital products
The Big House

Working as User Experience / UI Designer in several internal and external projects. A Design Studio experience.

E-commerce proect
Freelancer - Multi-Brand

As Visual & Brand designer for several local companies. Developing and designing new digital experiences. A freelance mindset.

2012 - currently
Lone Foal

An advanced music perfomance, where want to promote talent, their concerns and new emerging music in the electronic scene, and their interactions and convergences between different disciplines.

Here are some of the artist: Music Komite, Daniel Van Lion, Neuman, Beat Love etc.

Lone Foal Eventos / Fotos -- Facebook Page

Catch up? Send me a email to hi at pablosacaluga.com or Linkedin or Twitter.
Let's have a ☕coffee and talk.